Recovering from an injury or illness is challenging. Equally challenging is the safe transition afterwards to a healthy lifestyle and fitness program.


Medical Fitness bridges the gap between rehabilitation and fitness. It includes the continuation of care while offering evidence-based techniques and exercise prescriptions, both of which are tied to the recommendations of the health provider.

Many traditional gym programs lack consideration of specials needs and/or precautions that should be observed following an injury or illness.  As a consequence, the outcome of these programs is either limited and/or may result in further injury or re-injury.  The ultimate goal of the Medical Fitness program is the safe, gradual return to a healthy, balanced, and satisfying quality of life.


Services include:

  • Assessment packages designed to address ongoing rehabilitation and wellness needs
  • Micronutrient and genomic testing for individualized nutrition and exercise prescriptions
  • Coordination of services with fitness professionals to provide exercise and conditioning programs personalized for success
  • Coordination of services with supervising physicians
  • Functional Medicine holistic approach to restore functionality and hope In those who are recovering from injury or illness