ICE is dedicated to helping people realize their purpose and potential in all aspects of their lives. Our approach is multi-faceted: addressing performance in the moment and transition to the next phase, with the overlying principle that striving for health, wellness and life balance creates the foundation toward fulfillment. We also explore the unspoken truths including anxiety and fear of the unknown accompanying retirement and/or injury that are common for those who previously dedicated their lives to the rigorous mental and/or physical discipline involved in the development of their sport or profession. Our mission is to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental and empowering coaching environment for anyone desiring a change or new direction in their life.


Anyone desiring change and/or is interested in personal self-discovery and transformation to achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment can benefit from coaching. People frequently, “get in their own way” constricting the realization of their own true potential.

Our team of Certified Professional Coaches creates partnerships with our clients, motivating them to harness their passion while uncovering endless possibilities.  If you feel “stuck” and realize there is a better way to play the game of life – you are not alone and we can help.


ICE coaches, health care professionals and associates help create the personal success formula that will optimize performance at winning the game in sport, work and/or life purpose.


This includes:

  • Individuals striving to reach health and fitness goals
  • Individuals seeking fulfillment and balance in their lives in the midst of life or work transition
  • Athletes and Gamers seeking to improve their performance, elevate their game, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Groups, teams or businesses interested in improving health awareness, productivity, communication and leadership at all levels of their organization