So what does “healthy” really mean? It is a subjective term we use as we experience the physical dimension in physical form. With respect to wellness, there are issues, not only health-related that come into play.


While health may refer to the absence of illness, wellness refers to a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.  It is the combination of mind, body and spirit   Achieving harmony between these aspects in our own lives and within our relationships around us can create a greater sense of fulfillment and life purpose.

Components of the ICE Health & Wellness program will: 

  • Help you establish realistic health goals
  • Help you develop strategies to achieve your goals in health and wellness
  • Help you identify and increase self-awareness of your core beliefs and values that are impacting your overall health and wellness

ICE Coaching is excited to announce the upcoming services of Micronutrient, OmegaCheck, and Telomere testing and analysis provided by SpectraCell™ Laboratories.

Functional Medicine coming soon!

Our goal is to positively impact quality of life by identifying nutritional deficiencies and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.

**In certain circumstances, ICE Coaching may consult and coordinate services with licensed medical professionals for the purpose of providing an all-inclusive, holistic approach.