So what does “healthy” really mean? It is a subjective term we use as we experience the physical dimension in physical form. With respect to wellness, there are issues, not only health-related that come into play.


While health may refer to the absence of illness, wellness refers to a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.  It is the combination of mind, body and spirit   Achieving harmony between these aspects in our own lives and within our relationships around us can create a greater sense of fulfillment and life purpose.

Components of the ICE Health & Wellness program will: 

  • Help you establish realistic health goals
  • Provide education and rehabilitation consulting if you have an injury that is impacting your quality of life**
  • Design appropriate and individualized exercise/conditioning programs
  • Provide ergonomic education and assessment
  • Help you develop strategies to achieve your goals in health and wellness
  • Help you identify and increase self-awareness of your core beliefs and values that are impacting your overall health and wellness
  • Functional Medicine – coming soon!

**In certain circumstances, when required and appropriate, ICE Coaching may consult and coordinate services with licensed medical professionals in accredited facilities for the purpose of providing an all-inclusive, holistic approach.