Gamers – What makes you tilt? Playing salty? This can be good or bad depending upon how your channel your energy. Let ICE help you balance your game.


Mission statement

The mission of the eSports division of ICE is to work closely with amateur and professional eSports athletes providing information and tools specifically tailored to their craft, to help them elevate their performance and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Vision statement

To impact the lives of gamers around the world with education of the the physical and mental toll gaming takes on its players with tools for prevention and sustainable health practices.

Your energy is THE key driver for success. Without the right type and amount of energy, the game is lost before it’s even played. Whether you want to get an edge on the competition and are playing multi-player games online, or with friends locally, ICE Coaching can help you understand what’s impacting your energy so you can perform better and elevate your game.

Components of the ICE eSports Coaching Program include:

Injury Prevention

Postural re-education
Ergonomic education and assessment

Rehabilitation Post-Injury

Rehabilitation Program Consulting*
One-on-one health and wellness services*
Pain Management Consulting*

Performance Coaching

Understanding your energy level and how it impacts your performance
Identifying the six areas of core performance influencers
Mastering the 10 Core Disciplines
Optimizing your success strategy

*In certain circumstances, when required and appropriate, ICE Coaching may consult and coordinate services with licensed medical professionals in accredited facilities for the purpose of providing an all-inclusive, holistic approach.