During the summer of 2018, ICE team members Dr. Julie Holt and Cole Pocock had the opportunity to partner with University of California Irvine (UCI) to teach a health- based course to teenagers and young adults attending their summer ESports camps.  The ICE signature ErgoLitecourses consisted of education on ergonomic set-up for gamers including proper positioning of chair, monitor and peripherals; lighting and temperature considerations for the environment; and recommendations on proper hydration and breaks to avoid repetitive stress.  The groups also had the opportunity to work together in groups to identify problems and provide practical modifications and solutions based upon what they had learned.  Additionally, Dr. Holt led the groups in a posture break routine designed to facilitate proper posture and rest breaks to help individuals avoid injury while performing prolonged and/or repetitive tasks.

Everyone in attendance left the courses with new found knowledge and excitement about how their habits impact their gaming performance. Some of the participants who had never received this information before gravitated towards improving their ergonomic setups for optimal speed and accuracy.  Others focused on the benefits of breaks, stretching, and hydrating. Several of the campers familiar with this information stated that they learned something new! UCI ESports Coordinator Kathy Chiang was ecstatic about the information presented stating, “It was exactly what they were looking for and exceeded their expectations.”

Many thanks to UCI for inviting us to participate in your summer camps!