On June 13, 2017, ICE coaches Sylvia Morales and Dr. Julie Holt presented Dynamic Communication to the team at the Pink Door Salon in Garden Grove.  Sylvia and Julie were joined by their intern, Nicole Ballestero.  Since this was their second time meeting with The Pink Door Salon team, ICE was able to see the benefits of their previous workshop with the salon team members.  Building upon and reviewing the 7 energy levels, Sylvia, Julie, and Nicole focused the presentation on group dynamic communication, the art of listening, and the impact of a message.  They also worked with the team on ways to improve communication based on different scenarios they might encounter.  ICE was very happy with the progress which has been made by The Pink Door Salon team, and looks forward to their next visit!

“Highly effective!  Our staff was able to implement the skills and lessons learned into our daily routines immediately.  We are continually growing and learning from the workshop ICE provided and we look forward to the next one!”

-Martha Peterson, owner of The Pink Door Salon

Integrative Core Energy would like to thank The Pink Door Salon for their continued dedication to bettering their business through ICE workshops. If your organization is interested in ICE employee development training, please contact us for further information.