August 15, 2016–ICE coaches Dr. Julie Holt and Sylvia Morales were featured speakers at the joint The Pink Door Salon and NAMA staff training day.   Both of these premiere organizations are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of hair and color services, through exceptional customer service, the highest quality products and continued staff education.  In an effort to support these goals, ICE delivered 2 key presentations:  The ONE Thing that Changes Everything. . .Start Living Your Life More Happy, Satisfied, and Fulfilled, and Removing Barriers to Success.

The topics covered in the presentations included:

  • Recognizing seven distinct levels that people experience
  • Discovering hidden patterns keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Identifying beliefs and obstacles that are blocking you from success
  • Developing strategies to create new habits that lead to a successful mindset
  • Recognizing how to tap into your unlimited potential to accomplish whatever you set your mind to

Integrative Core Energy extends sincere thanks to The Pink Door Salon and NAMA for this extraordinary training opportunity. If your organization is interested in ICE employee development training, please contact us for further information.